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Energy for Action

Energy for Action teaches youth to take action to challenge the many obstacles to healthy eating. It showcases how your students can influence their schools, communities, and one another so that healthy food choices are the norm instead of the exception.

Energy for Action is part two of the four-part FUEL™ series. As part of our kids-teaching-kids approach, all of the FUEL videos include interviews with youth activist groups about their solutions to childhood obesity issues. These are the groups in Energy for Action:

  • Andrea Boyes—Fighting the influence of a major soft drink company on her school's policies.

  • The Body Positive—Helping kids develop a healthy self-image and examine their relationship with food.

  • The Edible Schoolyard—Teaching kids about the entire food cycle from “seed to table.”

  • Fast & Faster—Educating youth about the nutritional facts of fast food.

  • Food for Thought—Informing kids about unhealthy food choices at school.

  • The People's Grocery—Striving to bring healthy food into low-income neighborhoods.

  • Rainier Beach High—Working to make their school eating environment more appetizing.

  • The Snohomish High Junior Lawmakers—Challenging state lawmakers to pass healthy bills.
  • Table of Contents

    Fuel for the Educator

    About Energy for Action

    Session 0: What Is Energy for Action?
    Session 1: Energy for Action, Part 1: Healthy Eating
    Session 2: Response Project Workshop 1
    Session 3: Energy for Action, Part 2: Healthy Actionsf
    Session 4: Response Project Workshop 2
    Session 5: Presentations, Surveys, and Wrap-Up

    Student Survey: How I See It (Pre-Test)
    Letter to Families
    What Am I Eating?
    Response Project Options Summary
    Response Project Option A: Where Did THAT Come From?
    Response Project Option B: What's for Lunch?
    Response Project Option C: Dining Room or Doghouse?
    Response Project Option D: Why Did I Eat That?
    Response Project Option E: Food Justice-and Injustice
    Response Project Option F: Freedom to Consume Junk
    Response Project Option G: Information, Please?
    Response Project Option F: Making It Happen!
    Response Project Action Plan
    Response Project: Rubric for Evaluating Group Presentations
    Response Project: Self-Evaluation
    Student Survey: How I see It (Post-Test)

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