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YEA! TEAM evaluation procedures and tools ensure:

1) Teacher preparation and support for implementation
2) Ongoing program adequacy and relevance to schools and students
3) Program integrity and appropriate contextual adaptation
4) Achievement of intended outcomes

a) Short-term

  • student learning outcomes
  • decrease student susceptibility to tobacco use
  • increase student knowledge of and support for tobacco free homes and cars

b) Intermediate-term

  • increase community/decision-maker support for tobacco education
  • increase tobacco-free environments policies and enforcement

c) Long-term

  • increase student awareness of policy impact and involvement in political processes
  • decrease community tobacco initiation and use
  • reduce tobacco related health disparities

5) Information value, reach and frequency of media messages
6) Information value, reach and frequency of youth-led advocacy

Online Evaluation Forms

Meeting Notes
YEA School Team Meeting Notes form.

Lesson Evaluation
Teacher Lesson Evaluation Form.

Evaluation Documents

Pre-test to be given to students before program begins.

Post-test to be given to students upon completion of program.

Collective Efficacy
Survey given to teachers to measure collective efficacy.

High School Advocate Questionnaire
Tobacco Perspectives Questionaire.

Self Evaluation
Self Evaluation Tool School-Based Tobacco Control Program

Media Lit Core Concepts

Smoking Media Lit Scale

Middle School Advocates Questionaire

Youth Empowerment in Action (YEA!) is a research based service-learning program developed by the Center for Character and Citizenship through the generous support of the Missouri Foundation for Health. The program seeks to reduce heath disparities by engaging students in challenging standards-based curriculum, social marketing in their communities, and public policy advocacy. Participation in the YEA! Program components help students 1) internalize prosocial, democratic, and health values, and 2) develop the skills to lead positive change in their communities. Youth Empowerment in Action! development team includes university staff, professional media producers, classroom teachers, and secondary students. They are working to combat tobacco use, negative body image, and childhood obesity that are often promoted by commercial interests and popular culture.

Youth Empowerment in Action!
College of Education
University of Missouri - St. Louis
One University Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63121 USA