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TEAM Jennings    |   Fall, 2006   
TEAM Jennings newsletter for November 8, 2006. Includes short articles about Jennings students at KDHX TV studio, the All-Stars presenting at City Hall, and facts about smoking.

Jennings Fall '06 (PDF)  |  View

TEAM Jennings    |    Spring, 2007   
TEAM Jennings newsletter for Spring 2007 includes short articles about the Jennings All Stars presenting in Jefferson City at Project Citizen, as well as the Stars & Heroes program, media tips, and Jennings Videos selected in a contest.

Jennings Spring '07 (PDF)  |  View

TEAM Crosskeys    |    Spring, 2007   
TEAM Crosskeys newsletter for Spring 2007 highlights Crosskeys participation in Kick Butts Day, a recap of a health education program for the Science classes, and media tips.

Crosskeys Spring '07 (PDF)  |  View

Healthy & Active    |    Spring, 2007   
The Healthy & Active Spring '07 newsletters recaps the students' participation in Project Citizen, displays the improvements the Wellness Team is making to Scott County, and gives healthy recipes for families.

Healthy & Active Spring '07 (PDF)  |  View

TEAM Scott County    |    Fall, 2007   
The Scott County TEAM's Fall '07 newsletter recaps the students' tobacco prevention posters, spoof ads, health and active walk/run, and upcoming events.

Healthy & Active Spring '07 (PDF)  |  View

TEAM Oran    |    Spring, 2008   
The Oran TEAM's Spring '08 newsletter includes articles about the response kids had from doing "Mock City Council" and a preview of Project Citizen.

TEAM Oran Spring '08 (PDF)  |  View

TEAM McKinley    |    Spring, 2008   
The TEAM Mckinley Fall '08 newsletter recaps the YEA Program at McKinley and inclues an article about smoking portrayals in movies, and a preview of Kick Butts Day.

TEAM McKinley Spring '08 (PDF)  |  View

TEAM De La Salle    |    Spring, 2008   
TEAM De La Salle's Spring '08 newsletters shows the YEA Program's impact on the school of De La Salle, as well as a Center for Disease Control article about smoking in movies.

TEAM De La Salle Spring '08 (PDF)  |  View

TEAM Fox    |    Spring, 2008   
The Oran TEAM's Spring '08 newsletter includes articles: Clearing the Smoke, the Fox Elementary School Play, how students are learning about the Democratic Process, and a preview of Kick Butts Day.

Team Fox Spring '08 (PDF)  |  View

TEAM Windsor    |    Fall, 2008   
The TEAM Windsor Fall 2008 newsletter has a preview to Kick Butts Day as well as an article introducing the Youth Empowerment in Action Program at the school.

Team Windsor Spring '08 (PDF)  |  View
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