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Tobacco Webquests

Dangers of Tobacco Use
A Webquest on Persuasive Writing and Speaking.

Will You Be A Smoker?
A Webquest for Teens.

Should Smoking Be Illegal?
A Webquest for Grade 7 Personal Planning.

Truth About Tobacco
Tobacco use affects millions of people every year...


Internet Sites

Site contains spoof ads and is the home of Adbusters Magazine, designed to challenge the way information flows and engagesd in anti-corporate criticism.

Site contains many tobacco advertisements through 1940s-Present.

Advocates for Youth
Gives advice on topics for youth including abstinence, advocacy, culture, dating, violence, and other tips for parents.

Alliance for Media Literate America
Media literacy education site with conferences and events, resources, and research.

ASH (Action on Smoking and Health)
A.S.H. is an anti-smoking website that gives tobacco-related information, including statistics, risks of smoking, and the rights of smokers and non-smokers.

Blowing Smoke
Program based out of Arizona to stop tobacco-use in movies.

Cable in the Classroom
Cable in the Classroom is the national education foundation of the U.S. cable industry. CIC advocates for the visionary, sensible and effective use of m media in homes, schools, and communities.

Center for Media Literacy
The Center for Media Literacy Provides books, videos, curriculum, and other essentials for the learning and teaching of media literacy.

Site contains many tobacco advertisements through 1940s-Present.

Commercial Alert
A.S.H. is an anti-smoking website that gives tobacco-related information, including statistics, risks of smoking, and the rights of smokers and non-smokers.

Integrating Missouri-Grade Level Expectations for Media Literacy
Incorporating Media Literacy into curriculum.

Discovery School
Lesson plans, teaching tools, and curriculum.

Jeffrey Wigand Ph.D.-The Insider
The 1999 film, The Insider, shows a former tobacco researcher named Jeffery Wigand and how he exposed the tobacco industry after learning about the dangers of tobacco.

Joe Chemo
A spoof character on Joe Camel, Joe Chemo gives statistics about the Joe Camel advertising campaign, along with other fun resources.

Just Think
Media Education site with lots of information, resources, media, and other useful tools.

Making a Killing: Philip Morris, Kraft and Global Tobacco Addiction
Documentary providing an international perspective revealing how tobacco giant Philip Morris has conspired to hook children on tobacco and keep governments from protecting public health

Media Awareness Network
Provides support and materials for teaching media literacy.

Media Education Foundation
Produces and distributes documentary films and other educational resources to inspire critical reflection on the social, political and cultural impact of American mass media.

Resources for monitoring your kids television habits.

Modern TV
Contains a quicktime movie of a vintage Flintstones episode of the characters smoking Winston cigarettes.

Media Literacy On-Line Project
Contains articles, lesson plans, and links about media literacy

National Center for Tobacco-Free Kids
Dedicated to the marketing of tobacco to kids. Contains information about all the current issues in the fight against tobacco.

New Mexico Media Literacy Project (NMMLP)
Nationally-renowned site for its work in media literacy. Contains a list of available resources, with curriculum and other free resources.

Outrage Avenue
Washington State Department of Health's youth tobacco-prevention website. Resources included a web-based reality show with five tobacco-using teens forced to quit somking.

Project Look Sharp at Ithaca College
Provides materials, training and support to help teachers prepare students for life in today's media saturated world.

Reversing Addiction in Our Compulsive Culture CD-ROM
The second CD-ROM published by the New Mexico Media Literacy Project with five field-tested prevention presentations.

Stay Free Magazine
Stay Free! is a Brooklyn-based magazine that explores the politics and perversions of mass media and American culture.

The Simpsons Smoking Archive
A listing of Simpsons episodes that contains smoking.

TV Turnoff-Center for Screen-Time Awareness
Encourages less television watching to promote healthier lives and communities.

Smoking Cost Calculator
Provided by wellnesscheckpoint.com, calculator showing how much money one will spend on cigarettes over the years.

Tobacco Week
Tobacco-prevention news and information including listings of upcoming conferences and RFPs and informationa bout state tobacco prevention programs.

Smoke-Free Movies
Gives information about smoking in movies, listings of actors who have smoked in movies, and shows actors who were paid to smoking in movies.

Tobacco Control Journal
A journal covering tobacco-related issues on a national and international perspective.

Free resource center on tobacco and smoking issues .

Truth Campaign
Funded by the American Legacy Foundation, Truth seeks to reduce teen smoking through appealing advertisements and youth involvement.

TV Party: Video Vault
A look at the history of cigarette advertising and product placement on television.



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