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The Perfect Machine

The Perfect Machine shows your students that activity doesn't just have to be exercise. It empowers them to go out and find the types of activity they love. Your students will become invested in the idea that activity is important to a healthy lifestyle—both physically and emotionally.

The Perfect Machine is part three of the four-part FUEL™ series. As part of our kids-teaching-kids approach, all of the FUEL videos include interviews with youth activist groups about their solutions to childhood obesity issues. These are some of the issues they discuss in The Perfect Machine:

  • The thing kids do most, besides sleep, is watch TV or play video games.

  • You don't have to go to the gym. Find an activity you like and do it.

  • Activity creates community. You can be active with friends.

  • Being a part of a group isn't the only way to be active; you can be active all on your own—even at home.

  • There are many ways to be healthy. It's not about being chiseled and "perfect."

  • Everyone's got a different body, and every kind of body has it's own advantages. It's not cool to mess with others about how they look.

  • If the kind of activity you want to do isn't available, be an activist and help make it available.
  • Table of Contents

    Fuel for the Educator

    About The Perfect Machine

    Session 0: What Is The Perfect Machine?
    Session 1: The Perfect Machine, Part 1: You in Motion
    Session 2: Response Project Workshop 1
    Session 3: The Perfect Machines, Part 2: Reality of Motion
    Session 4: Response Project Workshop 2
    Session 5: Presentations, Surveys, and Wrap-Up

    Student Survey: How I See It (Pre-Test)
    Letter to Families
    Activity Evaluation Log
    Response Project Options Summary
    Response Project Option A: Hoofin' It
    Response Project Option B: The People in Your Neighborhood
    Response Project Option C: Fifteen Ways to a Healthy Lifestyle
    Response Project Option D: Different Bodies, Different Strengths
    Response Project Option E: "Feeling" Active
    Response Project Option F: Personal Trainer
    Response Project Action Plan
    Response Project: Rubric for Evaluating Group Presentations
    Response Project: Self-Evaluation
    Student Survey: How I see It (Post-Test)

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